silly string, cows and sunset

I love watching the sunset every evening. If I am not outside watching it then I am sitting in  my chair gazing out of the window. It isn’t very often that I get to photograph the boys together playing at sunset. You would think that this would occur often but it really does not. We are always… always working on this or that, currently building porches onto our house. Well, this evening with a little silly string and maybe a dollar piece , yes a dollar, lol! I was able to photograph them running around being goofy as usual. Well, not usual, they are usually fighting over something or eating popsicles.. I guess this is normal, the fighting over everything!  I have been so caught up in capturing the boys under a perfect sky or in the perfect light or blah blah blah that I have missed details. The other day I missed little boy blue placing sign it sticky  notes all over his shirt because I was thinking about how I could get him outside in the pasture.. So, I am working on this, working on capturing them in their everyday and trying not to worry sooo much about perfect images.  Because capturing memories of our family is why I set out on this journey in the first place. So, yes I will still look for my perfect skies and perfect sunsets and yes I will still pay them to run here or there, but I will also capture the everyday little moments. The ones that we do not post to facebook, the ones that we look back in the photo books and love.. xoxo

IMG_6253 copy 2b

IMG_6254 copy

IMG_6262 copy

IMG_6263 copy

IMG_6271 copy 2

IMG_6273 copy

IMG_6278 copy

IMG_6282 copy

IMG_6289 copy  IMG_6305 copynew IMG_6299 copy IMG_6303 copy

IMG_6322 copy

IMG_6314 copy

IMG_6324 copy

IMG_6330 copy

IMG_6338 copy

IMG_6347 copy

IMG_6351 copy 2

IMG_6354 copy

IMG_6366 copy2 IMG_6377 copy


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