Baby Ruby

My dear sweet cousin, I hope that every image below will bring a sweet smile to your face.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph Ruby, she is beautiful just like you!! xoxo

IMG_3909 copy IMG_3920 copy IMG_3921 copy IMG_3928 copy IMG_3930 copy IMG_3932 copy IMG_3935 copy IMG_3977 IMG_3980 copy2 IMG_3982 copy IMG_3987 copy IMG_3995 copybw IMG_4004 copy IMG_4015 copy IMG_4034 copy IMG_4036 copy IMG_4040 copy3 copyb IMG_4062 copy IMG_4067 copy IMG_4087 copy 2 IMG_4098 copy IMG_4120 copy IMG_4147 copy IMG_4460 copy IMG_4478 copy IMG_4502 copy 2 IMG_4511 copy IMG_4531 copy IMG_4532 copy IMG_4539 copyb IMG_4563 copy IMG_4564 copy IMG_4596 copy IMG_4624 copy IMG_4631 copy IMG_4657 copy IMG_4659 copy IMG_4671 copy IMG_4680 copy IMG_4698 copy IMG_4725 copyIMG_4703 copyIMG_4733 copyIMG_4752 copy


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