Slow down and breath sweet boys

Step outside and close your eyes sweet boys, close them tight and listen. Listen to the wind, the wind has no sound yet it gives life and sound to everything it passes through. The leaves on trees rustle, the grass waves and becomes alive. Barns whistle and gates shake. Take this moment and relax, let the sounds carry you away. Now open your eyes and admire the sunset, we watch the sunset together in the evenings. The beautiful vibrant blues slowly change to deep pinks and oranges. You run around the yard and pasture playing and I am in awe of what we have and how happy we are. The two of you are so different yet  magically the same. You play with hammers, tape measures, sticks and tools.  You collect, rocks, shells, flowers and cows teeth of all things. Little things that are so natural yet unique and you are so excited about these little things that to you are treasure.

Sometimes I wish I knew how long we have here together, just to keep myself aware of how precious each and every moment is and to live every minute to the fullest.  I love this place that we call home, on the weekends we wake to the most beautiful orange sunrises and head out to let the goats out to graze. I say the weekends because during the week we wake to the craziness of getting ready for work and school.  The images below are so precious, it was a weekend morning, you two headed out to the goat pen, the goats actually really like the two of you even though you spend a lot of time chasing them around. You have named them names that describe how they look and act. Sassy, Thunder, Dot, Dotty, Freckles, Ellie May, Hearty and Whitey are their names. Sassy was crazy when we first brought her home, what is amazing is now she is probably one of our favorites. I hope that writing to you will help you remember some of the details of your childhood and how much fun we had together.  I love you both to the moon and back.

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